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Learning English at Haiku Lovable Learning was fun. I learnt a lot there, even the teachers at my school said so.

Dia Patel

Thank you, Haiku for teaching me English. Grammar learning became such fun, that I no longer had difficulty in this subject.

Parth Shah

I enjoyed my classes at Haiku Lovable Learning. I wanted to go to the classes because of the games and activities played for teaching.

Purval Palkhiwala

I was a shy child before joining Haiku Lovable Learning. I became confident later when I learnt how to speak well.

Fun-filled Learning at Haiku

Interactive audio-books

Read and listen to audio books to improve pronunciation and listening skills. Record these in your own voice and gain confidence.

Opportunity to write stories

Learn to express your creativity by writing your own stories. Enhance your written and spoken language skills.

Language activities

Learn and practice spoken English and grammar concepts through games and role plays. Enjoy language learning through interesting and interactive activities.

Concept-clearing exercises

Practise language concepts through a variety of exercises. Gain clarity of the language concepts taught earlier in class through these excises to be practised at home.

Interactive sessions

Acquire English through highly interactive sessions in a classroom scenario. Interact with your co-learners and with your teacher-facilitator to polish your learning.

Audio-visual support

Make progress in the English language through the use of audio-visual software. The audio-visual software for the teacher and learners facilitate language acquisition.

Loving it at a Haiku Centre

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