What is the right age for students to join Haiku?
Haiku is designed to suit the needs and learning abilities of students studying in standard III, IV and V,that is the primary section. It caters to students in the age group of 8 and 12 years.
What will my child do at Haiku?
Haiku, the most advanced English learning programme is an after-school English language learning programme offering complete solutions to the needs of students. Through interactive, exciting and most importantly efficient methodology and technology your child will learn all the four skills of English i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Since Haiku is an individualised study programme, does it mean that my child would have an Instructor with him or her all the time?
Haiku is designed in a way that the student's progress and activity is closely monitored by the teacher in their physical presence and absence alike. The teacher conducts sessions in class to clarify concepts of the language and later assigns worksheets that the students need to answer from home using their computers. These assignments when submitted online reach the main server to which the teacher has access to at all times. Besides this the students are made to perform activities on the computers in the privacy of their homes and made independent learners.
What is the difference between Haiku and tuition?
Haiku focuses more on experiential learning and does not completely use the traditional classroom learning style or the one-to-one tutoring method. The students learn through an interactive software that meets the age appropriate learning objectives and so, are not dependent alone upon the individual skills of the teacher as is the case during tuitions.

Instead, through games, role plays, worksheets and other fun filled activities, the teacher helps the students to love English. She uses real life experiences and does not limit them to bookish examples.
Will learning at Haiku interfere with my child's learning at school?
The content on Haiku is drawn as per the syllabus of various educational boards. Also, the teachers teaching the programme are from mainstream schools, equipped with knowledge of the syllabus at school and adept in keeping learning of the English language in line with that of the school.
What is the duration of the entire Programme?
The Haiku programme requires about 80 hours of highly interactive sessions at the centre followed by about 40 hours of practice sessions at home.
Who teaches at Haiku?
Teachers of the English language of mainstream schools are specially trained and certified by Haiku's academic wing.
Does the child get a certificate at the end of the program?
On enrolling for the Haiku programme, the child is provided with a Language Passport. On the completion of each level, a Language Visa is stamped on the passport leaf. The child needs to collect all the visas to get a wooden plaque citing his/her abilities in English language.
Do you provide any reading material or home work to the child?
The child is provided with a Grammar work book in physical form. This book helps him / her in participating during the class room sessions. The child is not given any boring home work to do, instead they attempt concept-clearing exercises, read specially designed online books and are also asked to perform activities on these interactive books.
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