Instructors at Haiku are committed to the cause of teaching the English language correctly and efficiently to students. They impart students with the necessary life skills, providing them with the assurance of learning the language well and speaking it confidently and fluently.

Equipped with the right knowledge and aptitude these instructors endeavour to make children’s dream come true. English is taught not as a subject but as a life skill that can and does come handy in achieving success not just in the class but are ready to face the stiff competition in the world. At Haiku centres the instructors are in close touch with the students and see them grow and blossom eventually.

Qualifications Required

Prerequisites to becoming a Haiku instructor:
  • Experience in English language teaching
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Excellence in interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to commit to the cause of education
  • Enthusiasm to work with children
  • Desire in helping children to cultivate skills for independent learning and to develop their potential

Procedure for Becoming Haiku Instructors

  1. Attend Haiku Instructor Orientation Programme
  2. Clear written and personal interview
  3. Attend Haiku pre-training sessions
  4. Confirm a location to set up
  5. Sign Franchise Agreement
  6. Set up centre

Support from the Company

Established training system with continuous support

Haiku is committed to offer instructors continuous support through trainings and technological assistance and helps them develop their skills and centres. It provides:

  • Comprehensive training before and after setting up Haiku centre
  • Regular visits and assistance by office staff to the centre

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Email: Jasvinder Singh on OR Click here for queries.

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